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MUN experience

Model United Nations, also by its abbreviation ‘MUN’, is an exceptional activity in which student participants imitate the real-world UN deliberations. Each delegate is assigned a country within a UN Committee or an international organisation and has to represent it in compliance with its domestic and foreign policy. In the process of debates in the committee, the delegates are to produce a resolution in which a solution to the problems described in the committee’s topic is included. MUN conferences are organised by high schools and colleges all around the world, with the biggest conferences welcoming over 4000 delegates. Participation in such an event involves conducting substantial research on international affairs, polishing one’s public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as honing one’s critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Thousands of students from different schools visit various countries every year in order to take part in MUN conferences all around the world, being provided with one-of-a-kind and life-changing experiences, and so we encourage you to join them.

Welcoming letter

Distinguished Delegates and all those wishing to take part in Tricity Model United Nations! On behalf of the whole Secretariat, it is my greatest pleasure to be able to invite you to the 7th annual session of the Tricity Model United Nations conference. The session will be held on 15th-17th March 2018, in Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot.

The main topic of TriMUN 2018 is “Facilitating global dialogue in times of crisis”. The world community is currently struggling to cope with a multitude of challenges: environmental threats, humanitarian crises, diplomatic tensions and rising extremism. The only way of protecting the global community from hazards and dangers of the years to come is to maintain constant dialogue, focused on resolving disputes and preventing the threats from appearing, or redoubling efforts to combat the already existing ones. We want our conference to reflect that belief, spreading the awareness of importance of dialogue, in both domestic and international context, amongst the delegates.

The Secretariat of TriMUN 2018 is doing their utmost to present the honourable delegates with a memorable, enriching, and educational experience, by organising a conference of highest quality. With delight, we look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Tricity and ensuring that your decision to participate in Tricity Model United Nations 2018 was a good one.

Hopeful to meet you in March 2018,

Weronika Gałka
Secretary General

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